Earn Money By Likes And Comments On FaceBook

Who Can Join Hyde Corner?
  Anyone over the age of 16 can join Hyde Corner, and you must be at least 18 years old to withdraw or perform any financial activity on the site.

  How much time in a day can I post on my wall?
  Currently, you can publish up to 5 cats an hour and are limited to two cats an hour

  Can I get a confirmation badge (blue tech) on my profile?
  We do not combine all profiles with a confirmation badge, profiles will not be approved for high-end followers to receive a confirmed badge, and you must use at least 6 months active to request at least 5,000 followers for profile confirmation and thresholds. Are

  How many accounts can I get in the House Hall?
  You can get up to five accounts in one family but you will not get rewards if you are referring someone in the same house with the same IP address.

  How can I make money on Hyde Corner?
  You can make money on Hyde Corner just by liking and commenting on each post you can earn money by uploading your selfies and Chrome.

  How can I refer someone?
  You can earn up to $ 0.25 per user you refer to! Earn up to $ 1 when a converted member raises any of our professional packages. You can find your referral link in my settings / affiliate

  What are the points?

  Signs are a reward for your performance which will be automatically converted to funds

  Can I post links to other sites?
  You are not allowed to post any links that transmit any kind of links to PTC / GPT or any other web site that terminates your account so if you do not post any links, we will suspend your account if we find any links. You are not allowed to advertise any type of business

  What is the minimum payment amount?

  The minimum compensation amount is $ 35

  When will I receive my payment?
  We process payments once a month. If you pay $ 35 in the first month, you will be charged 22 to 30 for the second month.

  What are dead users?

  Dead profiles are users that are not logged in after the registration

  Will I receive commissions for dead users?
  No, you will not receive any commission for dead users

  An elected member did not confirm his e-mail after registration. Can I win a commission?
  no! Inactive users will be exposed to dead users

  Why was my profit determined?
  Your earnings will be adjusted within 30 days and only the final payment will be made to you

  What is the ultimate benefit?

  Before we process your payment, we will review your account, we will charge you for inactive referrals / deceased users, and your spam payment will be deducted when your payment is processed.

  Why is my money down?
  There is a small factor in rejected and declined payments if you misuse the system or violate our terms and conditions then your payment will be rejected, if you violate our terms of partner and your status will be rejected. You broadcast spam on the system. In either case receiving will indicate that your payment has been declined.

  Can I post adult content (photos, videos)?
  No adult content is strictly prohibited. If our system detects any adult content in your profile, your account will be terminated

  Why didn’t I get a confirmation link in the inbox?
  Check your spam folder to check your email If you do not receive the email, please contact us

  Where can I check my points?
  You can check your performance points in the settings under the Points section

  Where do I see my benefits?
  You can check your profits under the Revenue section in Settings

  Why was my account disabled / suspended?
  Your account has been suspended because you failed to comply with our terms of use

Terms of Use

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