How to earn money Using YouTube

This blog post shows what are the end-screen benefits of using YouTube? He uses YouTube for those who want to create videos and expand their business. Do you want to increase subscribers on YouTube?

  To succeed on social media using YouTube, increasing the number of subscribers is crucial.

  Use YouTube’s recommended end screens to increase channel subscribers.

  Of course, video content is the basis of success on YouTube. Needless to say, the content offered for the video production is educational, entertaining, entertaining or content that interests everyone and their composition. So what should you do after uploading your favorite content to YouTube? It tells viewers to share videos and watch more of your videos. To continue watching videos that will be uploaded in the future, please inform them of channel registration.

  Have you ever seen the message “Click the Registration Button and Check Other Videos …” on YouTube? In fact, it has been effective in building communities, and it has been proven to grow channels statistically. It is also offered on YouTube.

  What is the YouTube end screen?

  The end screen is a clickable screen after which the viewer watches the video.

  You can see links like watching your other videos, subscribing to your channel, clicking links on the homepage, and so on.

  In the premium YouTube channel example above, the end screen shows three different links and dynamic links that attract attention. The Registration button at the top left allows you to immediately record a channel without pressing the registration below the video player. The link on the left side below is a link to a list of 19 videos that explain how to create a video. The link on the left is a featured link that links to a specific video called “Repair with J-Cuts.”

  The reason why Premium Beat was chosen as an example is that Premium Beat created a YouTube channel that explains the knowledge needed for video production, such as video recording, video editing, and audio mixing. کې In the last screen, links to other related videos are displayed, and viewers interested in video production can be effectively directed to relevant premium beta videos.

  The end screen can be used on computers and mobiles. Recently, YouTube announced a policy to end descriptions on mobile phones and move to the end screen, which could show the big button instead. * Because the details aren’t already working well on mobile, YouTube seems to end up on the computer. (Note: Notifications are accessible text and fields that can be featured on YouTube videos.)
  How to add end videos to updated videos on YouTube
  1. When adjusting, devote at least 10 seconds to the end screen. Then export the video.

  The last few seconds of the video can be just a black screen, or you can use a creative original end screen background that flows at the end of each video. Please allow at least 10 seconds for the end screen so that viewers can click on the link that interests them after the end of the video.

  2. Login to your YouTube Gift and upload the created video.
  3. Go to the Video Settings screen and click “End Screen and Explanation tab”.
  4. Select a template or configure the YouTube end screen that you created.

  The easiest one is to use an end screen template. There are several options, but you can customize your link design. You can add or delete links to other videos. Once the sequence is set, when uploading another video, the same end screen can be applied to future videos using the “Next Video …” option.

  If you want to create an end screen that captures your video, decide whether to use the template video or video link in the template and select the video or playlist you want to watch. By default, the Registration button is the profile picture on YouTube. You can upload your pictures and photos to the external link button. External links must be approved URLs, and links to links such as downloads, other videos, and products may be added. Also, you can move and adjust the size as needed.
  5. Adjust the timeline on the last screen.

  You can display all items at the same time or change the time. The end screen requires at least 10 seconds, but the display time may be longer.
  6. Click Save.

  Click Done when finished. The end screen is shown at the end of the video.
  Add a YouTube exit screen to the existing video

  If you’ve already uploaded the video, log in to your account, log in to the Video Management screen, and click on the Exit Screen and Annotations tab. If the video has an annotation, you need to delete the first notification.

  You can add an additional screen in the same way as the end screen to the previous video, but since there is no dedicated black video or end screen animation, the link will appear at the end of the video for 10-20 seconds. Unfortunately, when adding an end screen to a previously uploaded video, the appearance and operation are not very good.

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