Mini World: Block Art

Game description

  The Money World is a 3D free sandbox for creating adventure, adventure and the world of your choice. Neither equal nor equal

  General Chat Chat Lounge There is no IAP port to turn off Free Player B features. Everyone can enjoy the full features of the game with great freedom.

  The state of survival
  Collect resources, save tools and sanctuaries. Keep building and upgrading and you will finally have the opportunity to challenge weird monsters in the room by yourself or with friends.

  How to create

  Players are provided with all resources from the beginning. By placing or removing blocks, you can create floating clutches, a mechanism that automatically gathers crops, or a card that plays music. The sky is the limit

  Play games created by the community.
  Want to play something fast? Only a few hip hop games have I played. Miniature mini-games are field trial maps, acquired by our amateur lovers. Mini-games are available in various genres: crossover, puzzle, fps or strategy. They are companions and this is a great way to meet online friends.

  Etsy Update – New content and events are updated monthly.

  Single Player Line and Online Multiplayer Online – Players can choose to play solo without Wi-Fi or hip and play with friends.
  The World of Endless Sandboxes – Find a world of vast sandboxes that contain many monsters, blocks, objects and mines.

  There are various types of mini-games of powerful game editor, crossword puzzle, puzzle solving, fps creation, strategies and much more. Everything can be created in Animate Manager.
  . Gallery – You can upload and download games or cards created in the gallery to download and play, or view recent maps of other players.
  ♦ Game condition – Survival status, creation status or mini game created by other players.

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